Community Access Network is pleased to announce the selection of Natalie Miller-Moore, a Williamsburg community leader with extensive experience in health communications, to lead the effort to explore ways to design and implement fully-integrated healthcare similar to our existing model. This project, known as the Williamsburg Integrated Care Initiative, will identify needs for the greater Williamsburg area, including growing needs for behavioral health and comprehensive primary care, and assess what collaborative solutions are available. Over the next year, Natalie and Community Access Network will work with local community leaders to create a plan for a fully-integrated advance primary care and behavioral health system for those low-income individuals not already receiving care in the Greater Williamsburg region. We’re pleased to see this community-based project come together and hope you will support the conversations and commitments ahead. Together, we can ensure a stronger future for safety net care in Williamsburg. If you would like to be part of this work, please contact Director Natalie Miller-Moore at (757) 987-4930 or