Community Access Network is hiring!

At Community Access Network, we partner with our patients and friends to provide medical care and support. What we do on a daily basis extends beyond simply performing medical services. We care about our community and we are always eager to respond to relevant health and wellness focuses as they arise. Community Access Network’s work culture is patient-centric, and we pride ourselves on being:

  • Accessible. We do whatever we can to provide medical services to all our patients without judgment and always with compassion.
  • High-quality. We believe that everyone has a right to quality healthcare. Our team members and providers work hard everyday to make sure patients receive exceptional care.
  • Adaptable. As the needs of our community flex and change, so do we. We regularly evaluate our service line so we can better care for our patients.

If you are interested in joining a team of compassionate, hard-working healthcare professionals, we would love to hear from you. To browse job openings, please look below.

Current Openings

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CARES Clinical Coordinator

The Cares Clinical Coordinator is responsible for implementing, delivering and maintaining clinical programs, clinical operations, clinical policies and procedures, practice guidelines, standing orders, clinical competencies, and clinical services for Community Access Network’s Cares program. The purpose of the Cares program is to provide HIV care in the outpatient setting. The Cares Clinical Coordinator serves as the primary clinical point of contact for new patients and coordinates medical care for Cares patients. The position leads and directs nursing and other clinical staff in the Cares program, consistent with the Nurse Practice Act of Virginia, and American Nurses’ Association’s (ANA) Principles of Nurse staffing. The Cares Clinical Coordinator serves as the Cares Quality Committee Manager, and coordinates with the Cares Medical Director to facilitate Quality Management Team meetings to ensure the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Cares Annual Quality Management Plan (QMP). The position delivers quality-related trainings and education to staff and patients as needed to accomplish the goals of the Cares QMP and participates in statewide quality management meetings to stay abreast of statewide quality initiatives, performance indicators and goals.

CARES Program Coordinator

The Cares Program Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership required to support the daily operations of Community Access Network’s Cares program. The position responsibilities include a wide range of activities related to performance and regulatory compliance, as well as case management services. The position provides operational management to Community Access Network’s Ryan White-funded programs, as well as leading and directing the daily work of Cares Case Managers, Cares Eligibility/Referral Specialists, Cares Medical Office Assistant and other case management staff. The Cares Program Coordinator develops and implements policies and procedures which ensure an accurate, timely, efficient and transparent process for the entire Ryan White grant life cycle, from proposal to close. This entails pre-award management, tracking payments, reviewing or producing relevant reports, monitoring and post-award management. In conjunction with the Cares RN Clinical Coordinator, this position implements Ryan White quality assurance, patient engagement and data management programs.

Director of Population Health

Under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) the Director of Population Health supports the mission of Community Access Network to improve health outcomes by focusing attention on groups of patients as well as individual patients identified as having or likely to have gaps in care, adverse health outcomes, or suffer from health inequities related to social, racial/ethnic, environmental, and economic determinants of health. The Director of Population Health develops, implements and oversees programs within Community Access Network that facilitate reliable, patient-centered care that improves timely access to and provision of preventative services and chronic disease treatment. A vital member of the Leadership Team, this position provides strategic expertise and leadership to Community Access Network’s quality, patient engagement and patient-centered medical home initiatives. This role is critical in supporting internal and external health equity efforts to reduce disparities. The Director of Population Health leads the work of assigned staff to improve the health of individual patients and the community.

Registered Dental Hygienist

The Dental Hygienist is responsible, in collaboration with the dental team, for the assessment, prevention and treatment of oral diseases, both to protect teeth and gums and to also protect patient’s total health. This assessment process is supportive to the definitive diagnosis which is directed by the Dentist.

Certified Pediatric Medical Assistant II

Responsible for providing support to the nursing staff, Mid-Level Providers, Medical and Specialty Clinics.

Licensed-Eligible Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC)

This vital member of the Community Access Network’s (CAN) healthcare team provides clinical therapeutic services promoting health and wellness in our integrated primary care medical practice. These services include cognitive behavioral, motivational interviewing, and trauma informed individual therapy and possible family therapy, as well as conducting brief interventions, encompassing the essential functions listed below. This team member practices under the legal and ethical obligations of their field and licensure, providing billable services when possible.