Women’s Health

At Community Access Network, we offer a broad range of services for women. Whether our patients are ready to begin a family, or they need someone to oversee their overall health, we have compassionate, quality women’s health services. Those services include:

  • Birth control services
  • Gynecologic and general women’s health services
  • Breast screenings
  • Pregnancy related services (prenatal care)
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Gynecologic exam and pap test
  • HPV vaccine
  • Testing for HIV and Aids
  • Urinary incontinence basics
  • Urinary incontinence tests and treatments

If you need to make your annual physical, or need to speak with a physician about a specific issue, make an appointment with us today.

We also offer breast screenings via the mammography van, which comes on a once-per-month schedule.