Our Vision

A region in which long-lasting positive social change and optimal health outcomes are achieved through successful community collaborations.

Our Purpose

We believe the health and well-being of all people is essential to a thriving, equitable community. 

The Partnership for Healthy Communities (PHC) is a community initiative led by the Community Access Network, headquartered in Lynchburg Virginia, that is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the Lynchburg region.

We achieve this by driving a focus on equity while promoting: 1) successful collaboration; 2) resources and learning; and 3) leadership and governance practices for the organizations impacting our community.  We use as the foundation for this work the five key conditions of the collective impact model.  By encouraging a shared vision for change, measuring results, promoting mutually reinforcing activities, and ensuring consistent open communication among all stakeholders we can build an engaged, inclusive, and vibrant community.

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Who We Serve

An equitable, thriving community is achieved through the passion and dedication of the organizations that serve it.  Often, those organizations don’t have enough access to the tools or training to make the most impact.  Partnership for Healthy Communities (PHC) serves as a resource for organizations in the Lynchburg region that promote equity and work to achieve a positive impact on the health and well-being of our residents.

To be clear, PHC is not fulfilling the role of DEIB expert for organizations, but rather providing access to resources and facilitating conversations to be a catalyst for change in the advancement of equity in our region.

To view all organizations that currently participate in PHC, please download the directory.

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